Exposures within Hardcore Engineering can be divided into several key categories:


Gauges and fixtures

Dies and Molds

The Assembly Tooling Division

The Prototype & Mass Production

The Bespoke Technical Services

We are having a team of high and diverse experienced designers who are committed to bring change to the manufacturing process.
Gauges & Fixtures
We have expert team that will help during every phase of the development and manufacture of your gauge or fixture.
Dies & Molds
We take complete ownership to deliver the high quality and high precision Tooling.
Assembly Tooling
We are passionate to create High Quality and High Precision Assembly Tooling and Assembly Lines.
Prototype & Mass Production
We can serve the requirements right from the Prototype to mass production.
Bespoke Technical Services
We understand that every company has their unique challenges, working environment, machines, and manpower. 

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